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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 31, 2014 11:00pm-11:11pm JST

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hello and welcome to "newsline." european leaders have agreed to lay the groundwork for additional sanctions on russia following a reported incursion into eastern ukraine by the russian military. the agreement was reached at an eu summit meeting in brussels that began on saturday. more than a thousand russian military personnel are said to have crossed the border into ukraine. the eu leaders issued a statement condemning the incursion. they're calling on russia to immediately withdraw from ukraine.
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eu commissioner president jose manuel barroso said relations will be jeopardized if russia continues to aggravate the situation. he called for moscow to exercise restraint. russia says a group of its captured paratroopers have returned from ukraine and it's sent back ukrainian soldiers who had crossed the border. ukraine said on august 24th it captured ten russian paratroopers in the donetsk region. this triggered international criticism that russian forces had invaded the country. a russian major general said the negotiations with ukraine were difficult but the paratroopers were handed back. he also said russia had returned 63 soldiers to ukraine. observers say the international criticism may have influenced russia's decision. u.s. forces have launched air attacks on islamist militants in central iraq in support of besieged ethnic minority turks. shia turkish residents have been under siege by sunni islamic
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state fighters for the first time in nearly 150 kilometers north of baghdad. reports say water and power supplies to the town have been cut off and food is running short. u.s. defense department press secretary john kirby said the united states along with britain, france and australia have dropped humanitarian aid supplies an the town at the request of the iraqi government. kirby said u.s. forces carried out air strikes against islamist fighters near the town in support of the aid missions. the pentagon says the military campaign will be short, only long enough to protect the town's residents. since august 8th, u.s. forces have launched air raids an islamic state jihadists in iraq, including an area near the country's largest dam. three people have died and more than 400 injureds in an anti-government protest in pakistan that turned violent. tens of thousands of people have spent two weeks rallying in various cities.
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the protests are being led by opposition parties and an islamic organization. the opposition parties are accusing prime minister nawaz sharif's administration of rigging last year's parliamentary election. they're demanding his government step down. security forces on saturday night fired tear gas and rubber bullets at demonstrators as they began marching to the prime minister's official residence in islamabad. hospital officials say three people have died and more than 400 are being treated for injuries. pakistan's interior minister told reporters that the security forces responded lawfully when a group of protesters tried to occupy government buildings. but the opposition parties say security forces broke the law. they have vowed to launch nationwide protests. governments and opposition leaders have intermittently held talks in a bid to end the political standoff. they say the military would act as a mediator, but they have not been able to reach an agreement.
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indian prime minister narendra modi and prime minister abe have visited a shrine. they went to toji on sunday morning. the temple is one of several unesco world heritage sites in the ancient japanese capital. the leaders viewed 21 buddhist sculptures listed as national treasures, including one of brahman. they heard a description of their two countries' common buddhist heritage. they toured a five-story pagoda. the prime ministers will hold a summit meeting in tokyo on monday. modi went to kyoto university center for ips cell research and application. the center's director gave modi an overview of the ongoing projects. yamanaka was awarded a nobel prize for his ips research.
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modi is said to have looked at cardiac muscle cells created with ips technology. yamanaka says modi wants to use ips technology to treat patients suffering from blood diseases in his country. india produces about 10% of the supply on pharmaceuticals, focusing on cheaper medicines. the company is aiming to introduce advanced technology. japan aerospace exploration agency has shown the media its new asteroid explorer hayabusa ii. the first one brought back samples in 2010. it will be launched in december. it will head for an asteroid that contains water and organic substances. the rock and sand samples will be used to study the origins of the solar system and the beginning of life. on sunday, the agency unveiled the new explorer at its facility.
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the probe is 1.25 meters high. improvements have been made to what's called the sampler horn. this tubular device will collect samples from the asteroid surface upon landing. scientists have also modified the re-entry capsule that will bring samples back to earth. hayabusa ii is also equipped with an impacter that removes surface materials. the device is capable of shooting metal bullets at the asteroid's surface at a speed of 2 kilometers per second. it creates artificial craters to extract rocks and sand. the project manager says they are confident about hayabusa ii's abilities and his team is ready for a new space voyage. >> translator: the technologies we have developed through hayabusa i and ii are something
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that japan is really good at. this project will be the touchstone of our ability to lead international space exploration. >> the agency will bring the new explorer to the tonagoshima space center in southern japan in late september. the launch is scheduled for december. japanese and chinese table tennis fans have played the sport in tokyo to mark the 35th anniversary of a friendship city agreement between tokyo and beijing. japanese tennis table fans and chinese students in japan were joined by officials from the chinese embassy in tokyo. the wife of the chinese ambassador to japan also took part. the 60 participants shook hands after their mixed pair games. a chinese graduate school student said it's the first time he's taken part in an event like this. he said the japanese people played very well, and he enjoyed the matches. >> translator: the relationship between the two countries is
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facing difficulty, but we have to maintain long-term friendly ties. >> the governments of tokyo and beijing revived their exchange programs after tokyo governor yoichi matusoya visited the chinese capital in april. he was the first tokyo governor to accept an invitation from beijing in 18 years. currently in tokyo it's cloudy with a temperature reading of 23 degrees celsius. for other international cities, here's the extended forecast.
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